Bastien Gysler

Full Stack developer Zurich / Lausanne Switzerland

Personal Profile

The way I work

I am highly passionate about my job and I live to build high quality softwares that meet user needs and expectations. I have a very communicative personality and I am very positive.

I speak:

  • French - mothertongue
  • English - fluent
  • German - basics

Personal Interests

Sometimes I take a break with the code to enjoy other activities like:

  • Travel to places I've never been before
  • Play tennis, even if I am not very good at it (yet) :)
  • Cook new dishes
  • Read books and watch movies just like everyone else

Places where you can find me

I spend time on twitter to stay up to date with new technologies and I use Github for my open source contributions. Sometimes I post wannabe-an-artist pictures on eatagram

Technical Skills


Ruby On Rails




RSpec / Capybara




Vagrant / Chef




Coffee script








Mango DB


Angular JS

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Ruby On Rails Angular JS MySQL Redis Vagrant
My job is to write the next version of Paatle. The first version has been built on top of Rails 3, MySQL, Memcache, ... The new version is on Rails 4 with MySQL, Redis, Angular JS, Twitter Bootstrap, ... The architecture has been completely redesigned for Rails 4. The coding conventions and the development workflow have been set up as well. Last but not least, I've set up Scrum to manage the development with all the developers.
Company: Paatle - Zurich Switzerland
Period: December 2013 - Present

Software Developer

Ruby On Rails MySQL Redis RSpec
As a new developer my first job was to maintain the legacy code on Rails 2 and add new features according to business needs. I also worked with marketers to launch new marketing campains. Thereafter, I worked on the migration to Rails 3. It was mainly on the backend part of the application like the connection with with 3rd party services, database management, caching, etc. Finally I've improved the development workflow to ensure a better software quality with regression tests, continuous integration server, quality tools like Code Climate and Rick.
Company: - Lausanne Switzerland
Period: January 2011 - November 2013

Education & Diplomas

University of Applied Science - Neuchatel (CH)

Bachelor Of Science In Business Information System
The main goal of this schooling is to understand business needs and find solutions.
We bridge the gap between users and engineers.
The course of study contains software development, database management, business intelligence, projects management, accounting, statistics, ...

2010 - 2014 (expected)

Technical High School - St Imier (CH)

Computer Science Technical Baccalaureate
The course of study is to learn the broad fields in IT like development (web, desktop apps, microcontroller),
IT infrastructure (dns, http, windows, linux), electronic and many other topics.

2005 - 2010

Projects I've worked On